Greetings, Screenings, and Animal Feeding

By brian longtin • Jun 23rd, 2008 • Category: side notes • Popularity: 3%

A welcome post with notes on the LA Film Fest (specifically ‘Choke’ and ‘Spaced’), plus the new Girl Talk album.

First off, hello and welcome. If you’re reading this, you’re witnessing the first post to our fledgling site. How you got here, since only a half-dozen people know it exists yet, will remain a mystery.

In addition to full-length articles in the five main sections, which will start showing up soon now that the site is built, we’ll also collect a weekly digest of interesting tidbits for the Side Notes section. Links to articles we find elsewhere worth commenting on, or smaller blurbs that don’t quite merit full-blown articles. This one’ll be short since it’s just Monday and we’re just getting started.


Most exciting for this week is the LA Film festival. For regular non-industry people this isn’t the wild transformative force of the Sundance variety, but it does mean a chance to see a couple cool movies before the rest of the country — though last year my girlfriend did brush up against Steve Buscemi going into his movie Interview, which some might consider transformative.

Although it’s a bit of a shame to have missed Friday’s Swear-a-long Scarface (featuring 226 F-bombs) and the live Cinematic Titanic show (featuring MST3K alums) Saturday, all is not lost. We will be representing at the Monday screening of the new Palahniuk adaptation, Choke, as well as the long-awaited arrival of UK cult hit Spaced on Tuesday, coinciding with the overdue American DVD release. Maybe this year, someone I know will trip over Edgar Wright.

With the number of people claiming both of these things to be absolute must-sees, it should be a fun few days. Unfortunately, these shows are both sold out, so it’s too late to invite you to join. However, you may see longer articles here if either turns out to be as good as their respective buzz.


Last week also saw the release of the new Girl Talk album, Feed the Animals, via the increasingly sensible and cred-building pay what you like for download method. Does anyone else find they’re more likely to pay for music this way than pirate it? Cheapskate or no, this one’s definitely worth checking out and likely to be discussed further in a full article soon.

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