Brian Longtin is technically the editor of this site,┬ábut is uncomfortable with the authority that implies. He’s been blogging since 2001 without having made a single cent from the undertaking, and would love to someday correct this. His voracious appetite for all media has lead to a shortage of shelf space in his apartment. When he’s not taking in entertainment or writing about it here, he also loves poker and beer pong, but loses frequently at both. Brian grew up in Illinois and has lived in Los Angeles since college, and currently works in advertising.

He can be contacted at brian at under-culture dot com.

Spencer doesn’t really have a moustache in real life, but has read his share of Proust. He’s seen more movies and has more books than most humans, and will destroy you at Trivial Pursuit. His full name is being withheld because his professional career will one day make him too rich and powerful to be associated with this website. Spencer also lives in Southern California.

He can be contacted at spencer at under-culture dot com.